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Danceline Bethel is a local dance studio in the heart of Bethel, CT. We are dedicated to forming well-rounded, knowledgeable, and creative dancers.

We offer smaller classes which allows for students to receive individualized time and attention. This creates a more personalized learning environment for each student which better suits their learning needs.

Despite our hometown feel, we have the skills, passion, and work ethic to provide training that is comparable to larger dance studios.


Danceline Bethel offers unique 5 month class packages. This allows students an opportunity to explore dance, maybe for the first time, without the typical long term commitment.


This format also allows dancers to try many different dance styles so that they may find the style of dance that best suits them. It also allows students to participate in more than one recital per year!

At the end of the five month segment, a dance recital is presented. This allows the dancers and family members to experience the progress that the dancer has made without having to wait close to nine months as with other programs. Our mini recitals are held in a more intimate setting allowing families and friends to capture great pictures and videos of the dancers.


We are not a franchise, and our owners have been part of the local business community for over 55 years. Being a local business, we have a vested interest in growing, bettering, and investing back into the community of Bethel.

We believe that it is our responsibility to be good partners and this is why you will see Danceline Bethel supporting and being a part of the local community.